Welcome to this year’s 2023 summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. Videos will be updated throughout the summer right here on our website! All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players. Go check out the latest write-up!

Team Outlook: 2023 Team


New Team…New Look… This 2023 squad builds off the competitive summer run they had last season, into this 2022 summer season. This year’s squad is led by Coach Ryan Hill, who enters his 4th year with us. Last year when we featured this group we mentioned words like “hard-nosed, scrappy, etc.” Blend that in with more athleticism, and a blend of arms, and we create a successful recipe for the group. If any college coaches are looking for guys with grit, and high-academic student-athletes, look no further than this team. Here’s the breakdown of the roster & schedule.



Caleb Ferguson (Lebanon H.S.) – RHP


Nicolas Kropf (Davidson Academy) – C

Donovan Griffin (Riverdale H.S.) – C | RHP


Noah Ilias (Mount Juliet H.S.) – 3B | 2B | OF RHP

Jack Scearce (Centennial H.S.) – SS | 2B | 3B | RHP

Brady Knepper (Greenbrier H.S.) – 2B | SS | OF | RHP

Townsend Stevenson (USN) – RHP | 1B

Daniel Floyd (Eagleville H.S.) – RHP | 1B | 3B

Donovan Peebles (Smyrna H.S.) – 1B | 3B | RHP


Isaac Schafer (Wilson Central H.S.) – OF | RHP

Rowdy Gaines (McGavock H.S.) – RHP | OF | 2B

Drew Jones (Wilson Central H.S.) – OF | RHP

Braxton Laney (Greenbrier H.S.) – OF | RHP

Dylan Guethlein (Wilson Central H.S.) – OF | LHP


Welcome to this year’s 2023 National summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. Videos will be updated throughout the summer right here on our website! All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players. Go check out the latest write-up!

Team Outlook: 2023 National

Talk about the will to win… This group was one of the most talented groups we have had in our program, and it showed when they finished their strong summer season with a record 29-9-3. They were also ranked #67 nationally & 18th regionally according to Perfect Game. Leading the 2023 National groups once again is Coach Josh Taylor, who enters his 3rd year with this group. The team features 2 College Commits with several more on the way after the successful spring campaigns these young men have had. The unique part with this is this group has gotten even stronger with the new additions on the mound, and at the plate. Let’s just say in other words, we suggest you circle this group as a team to follow all summer long. Here’s the breakdown of the roster & schedule.


Carter Whitefield (Gallatin H.S.) – LHP

Joshua Price (CAK) – RHP

Trent Miller (Greenbrier H.S.) – RHP

Cannon Rice (Rossview H.S.) – RHP

Easton Forsyth (Lebanon H.S.) – RHP

Andrew Moore (CAK) – RHP

Luke Jones (CAK) – RHP


Adam Partin (Green Hill H.S.) – C | IF

Caleb Moran (Coffee County Central) – MTSU Commit


Jackson Lea (Lebanon H.S.) – 2B | SS

Aaron Moffitt (Livingston Academy) – 3B | 1B | RHP

Christian Taylor (Green Hill H.S.) – Air Force Commit

Sam Cecil (CAK) – 2B | 3B | OF

Connor Gannon (Lebanon H.S.) – 1B | 3B | RHP


Gavin Dufault (Clarksville H.S.) – OF | SS | 2B | 3B

Easton Krenzke (Mount Juliet H.S.) – OF

Jacob Conquest (Greenbrier H.S.) – RHP | OF



Welcome to this year’s 2022 summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. Videos will be updated throughout the summer right here on our website! All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information we can on our players. Go check out the latest write-up!

Team Outlook: 2022 National

The old guys on the block for the Midsouth Mafia, the 2022 clan, look to end their 2022 season with a strong summer finish. The bulk of this group has been with us for the last two to three years with a total of 23 college commits heading off to school in August. This group will be led by Derek Hunley, who enters his 5th year with the 2022 squad. The group as a whole is filled with veterans that have experienced winning tight games. Some of the biggest games in the Midsouth Mafia history books have been delivered by the 2022s. Wins over teams such as Canes American (WWBA 2020), FTB Giants Scout Team (WWBA Underclass Championships 2020), and Hitters 2022 Navy (ABC’s Invite 2021). It’s the persona we try to live by of always wanting to play the best. With the collection of pitchers, dual-players, and position players all over the field, this group brings versatility which will make this group fun to watch this upcoming summer. Here’s the breakdown of the roster & schedule:


Austin Hunley – Tennessee

Justin Lee – MTSU 

Willie Walton – Lee University 

Bryce Fuller – Lenoir-Rhyne University

Christian Pencek – Lincoln Memorial 

Dakota Goins – Freed-Hardeman 

Wyatt Guethlein – Uncommitted

Will Dugan – Lipscomb (out)

Catchers | Utility:

Ingram Parks – Cumberland University

Jabez Sampson – Huntingdon College

Infielders | Utility:

Merik Carter – University of Alabama Huntsville

Keenan Saiyasak – Freed-Hardeman

Andrew Davidson – Harding University

A.J. Harris – SW Tennessee CC

Outfielders | Utility:

Tyler Schrampf – SW Tennessee CC

Robert Carroll – Hanover College

Rhett Dysholm – Coastal Alabama CC

Ben Turner – Freed Hardeman


A long time waiting for this one! Could not be more excited for 22′ Willie Walton from Lipscomb Academy on his commitment to Lee University for both baseball & basketball. He’s been everything & more since he 1st started here with us, and we cannot be more excited for what’s to come for him & his family. Congratulations to Willie!

Congratulations to LHP Bryce Fuller from Lebanon H.S. on his commitment to Lenoir-Rhyne University! Bryce made quite the impression this past season. We should expect a big role underway for him this upcoming spring. Just another huge congrats to Bryce and his family!

This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” checks in with the talented 2022 in our guy Austin Hunley. Austin a Tennessee commit from Mount Juliet H.S, has made quite the impression over the last few years with his ability to command the strike zone with 3+ pitches. This showed last spring season as he went 46 innings for the Bears while striking out 63 with only eight walks. He went 6-1 with an ERA of 0.45. The success he had earned him first-team All-District 9-AAA.


Austin has also been recognized on a national level respectfully. He is currently ranked by Perfect Game 7th in the state of TN, and 500th on a national level. Prep Baseball Report also has Austin ranked 7th in the state of TN, and 485th on a national level.


This recognition doesn’t stop Austin from seeing the bigger picture. This is his final season wearing a Bears uniform, and he wants to do everything and more to make this season a memorable one. He understands what is going to be asked, and he is ready to rise to the challenge every day to prove it.


We wanted to check in with him, and see how his preparation for this upcoming season has been going. Here is the interview with Austin below. Enjoy!

Coach Cohick: Austin hopes all is well! The season is about to be underway! What’s this senior season been like for you that’s maybe been a little different than the past?

Austin: Thanks, Coach! Yeah, it’s been a little different now that I am leading our team. I think for me the leadership aspect I wanted to take a huge step forward to be there for these guys because this is the last go-around playing with guys that I have played with my whole entire life. We want to truly enjoy our time together and come out on top.

Coach Cohick: What do you hope to accomplish as a team this spring? What goals do you have set personally for yourself?

Austin: As a team this spring we obviously want to win state, which is something Mount Juliet has never done before. Personally, for me, I want to win a pitcher of the year, have a 0.5 era or less, and a better strikeout to walk ratio than I did last year.

Coach Cohick: What advice would you give to a younger guy now if you had to do everything all over again in high school?

Austin: It’s not about how you work when the coach is watching…It’s about how you work when no one is watching. That’s what will set you apart from your peers.

Coach Cohick: Last question, what does 5 Star mean to you? Obviously, you have been a huge part of how far we have come at this point from the very beginning. Anything you would say to maybe a person who doesn’t know what 5 Star Midsouth is about from your own experience?

Austin: I have played for 5 Star since the beginning and I have loved every minute of it. I feel like they help many players get recruited by colleges and also give everyone opportunities to be seen. They treat each player equally and want the best for each player. If you want to play at the next level this is the organization you need to join.


This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” dives in on these select student-athletes that are continuing to make an impression both on and off the field. Coaches want the guys they can trust to handle their business. The guys they don’t have to worry about when it comes to being inside a classroom. Well we know one thing is for sure, these four young men handle their business just as well as anyone. These dudes are:

1.) Aaron Moffitt – 2023 | Livingston Academy

2.) Townsend Stevenson – 2023 | USN

3.) Creed Pierce – 2022 | Livingston Academy

4.) Braden Bornstein – 2022 | Lipscomb Academy  

In this write-up, we will include their GPA, ACT, and show videos for each player. So without further ado let us begin!

1.) Aaron Moffitt – 2023 | Livingston Academy | 5 Star Midsouth 2023 National

The Livingston Academy product made quite the impression last summer, and into the Fall season. His ability to hit the baseball from both sides of the plate makes him a huge threat inside the middle of the lineup. However, what makes Aaron different is just his attention to detail every time he steps on the field. He is a “baseball guy” and it shows immediately. With a 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 26, Aaron puts himself in a really unique spot academically as he continues to mature. We also expect a higher ACT score as he received a 26 on his 1st attempt.

Positional Tools: 95.8 Exit Velocity | 84 IF Velo | 7.10 60 Time | 85 Max FB

2.) Townsend Stevenson – 2023 | University School of Nashville | 5 Star Midsouth 2023

Talk about the fall this young man has had… Townsend put everything he had this fall and winter with the mindset of getting physically stronger. Without a shadow of a doubt, that has paid off for him in a big way. Townsend is new to the Midsouth Mafia this season. He left quite the impression with obviously his huge frame at 6-4 weighing 225 lbs. He was sitting in the low 80s back in August, but come this January he put on quite the show at the Preseason All-State event with PBR. He sat 85-86 with the FB with even reports this winter of him up to 87 to 88 mph. With a GPA of around 4.0 and an ACT score up to 32. There’s no doubt this right-handed arm is going to be claimed by someone soon!

Positional Tools: 86.3 Max FB | 65-68 mph CB | 74-78 mph CH

3.) Creed Pierce – 2022 | Livingston Academy | 5 Star Midsouth 2022 National

Another Livingston Academy guy on this list! Creed Pierce, the seasoned veteran with the Midsouth Mafia, is one of the best people we have had come through our program since we began. Creed is a leader, competitor, and any intangible that you can name Creed has. It’s just an extra bonus honestly that he’s a hell of a baseball player. The uncommitted 2022 has a 4.3 GPA and a 33 ACT score. If college coaches truly want someone with strong makeup, Creed is the guy you should be on immediately.

Positional Tools: 2.07-2.12 Pop Time | 94 Exit Velo | 77 mph C Velo

4.) Braden Bornstein | Lipscomb Academy

Talk about ultra-competitive… Braden is a guy who is not willing to back down from anybody. He’s going to continue to put in whatever work is necessary to be the best version of himself. He came out of the gates last Spring with authority when the Mustangs really needed an arm to work for them. Towards the back half of summer, some fatigue shut him down, but throughout the fall and into winter as you can imagine the work he has put in is going to be huge dividends for him this upcoming spring. A GPA of 3.5 with a 27 ACT score provides another high-academic uncommitted 2022 arm wanting a home for next season.

Positional Tools: 86 Max FB | 65-70 CB | 73-76 CH

This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” dives in on 5 uncommitted 2023 arms that we are fortunate to have with us for the upcoming summer season. These arms include:

. Jacob Conquest & Trent Miller from Greenbrier HS

. Andrew Moore & Luke Jones from CAK

. Cannon Rice from Rossview HS

All of these young men are continuing to make huge strides into this Spring season. In this write-up, we are going to break down each player and show off some videos on these guys. So let’s begin!


1.) Jacob Conquest: Report

Limited early summer last year. Jacob continued to put in the work he needed inside the weight room. He began to see results fairly quickly once he was fully at strength. Yes, he gets knacked with having a “small frame” but no one can speak ill of the competitiveness & drive this dude has. He’s going to move athletically, and he’s going to do whatever he can to be on top. He’s been working hard this off-season on his strength and improving his stuff. We expect a big return this spring when he steps on the mound for Greenbrier.

Early Summer 2021 – 80 – 85 FB mph | 68 – 72 mph CB

Mid Summer 2021 – 84 – 87 FB mph | 88 Max FB | 68-71 mph CB

End Summer 2021 – 87-91 FB mph | 92 Max FB | 70-71 mph CB

End Fall 2021 – 85-89 FB mph | 90 Max FB | 70-73 mph CB

2.) Trent Miller: Report

Another Greenbrier arm, Trent was vital last year on varsity. He, unfortunately, had to be sidelined halfway into summer with some “arm fatigue” so rest came into effect. However, the light switched turned on for one of the hardest working individuals in our program. Spent all fall working on his craft preparing for our scout day, and he did not disappoint. Sat 87-89 mph to go with a 77-79 mph SL and a 79-81 mph CH. With a 6-4, 230-lbs frame, Trent is continuing to show what he’s made of. Big spring is in store for this guy.

Early Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 69-72 mph CB | 74-75 mph CH

Mid Summer 2021 – 83-86 mph FB | 86 Max FB | 70-73 mph CB | 76-78 mph CH

End Fall 2021 – 87-89 mph FB | 76-79 mph SL | 78-81 mph CH

3.) Andrew Moore: Report

A name that surfaced early out of CAK in 2023 was our guy Andrew Moore. He was receiving some innings on varsity as a 10th grader for the strong CAK squad. His fastball carries a lot of life as it sat in the mid 8’s through spring 2021. Fast forward into summer, Andrew would continue to show his natural strength. Standing at 6 ft 3 weighing 195 lbs, he was able to touch his first 90 competing for Team Tennessee in the Futures Games. He also set the tone by receiving the “player of the game honors.” He would throw 2 innings while striking out 4. He’s lived all fall inside the weight room. So we expect a strong spring season ahead for the righty who will be asked to compete for more innings this spring!

Early Summer 2021 – 84-87 mph FB | 78-82 mph CH

Mid Summer 2021 – 85-88 mph FB | 72-75 mph SL

End Summer 2021 – 87-90 mph FB | 90 mph FB Max | 81-85 mph CH | 76-78 mph SL

4.) Luke Jones: Report

“Mr.Reliable” is how we felt about our guy Luke Jones last summer. Another CAK product, Luke fills up the zone every time he steps foot on the mound. Last season, he was a guy used predominantly in relief. However, this season Luke is in line for a bigger role out of CAK this upcoming spring. Last summer, he was a low 8’s guy topping out at 85 on the bump. However, reports early on suggest his fall training regime has him sitting more consistently in the mid 8’s. He’s a guy to follow with a GPA sitting at a 3.7 with an ACT score at 28.

Early Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 84 mph FB max | 67-71 CB

Mid Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 84 mph FB max 

End Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 71-73 mph CB | 74-76 mph CH

5.) Cannon Rice: Report

Newcomer Cannon Rice from Rossview HS was impressive this Fall. He’s been an absolute treat since he’s joined us. Last season, Cannon, unfortunately, missed his spring and most of the summer seasons. A lot of noise came around him during the winter of last year, but he kind of went under the radar with him working his way back from everything. He came back strong towards the end of summer sitting predominantly 83-86 mph on the bump. Then throughout all fall, you began to see flashes of what was to come for this young man. He touched an 88 early out of the gate during the fall. Then, Cannon as you could have imagined was hungry. It showed because a few weeks back Cannon sat 86-89 mph while touching his first 90. Now reports out his high school has him sitting 88-91. We expect a big spring from our guy!

End Summer 2021 – 83-86 mph FB | 73-75 mph CH | 74 – 77 mph SL

Fall 2021 – 84 – 87 mph FB | 88 mph Max FB | 77-80 mph SL

Winter 2022 – 86-89 mph FB | 90 mph Max FB | 78-81 mph SL | 80-83 mph CH

2022 Copeland Bradford (catcher) from Lebanon HS commits to SW Tennessee CC! We cannot be more excited for what’s to come for Copeland & his family! A huge congrats again to big Cope!

This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” dives in with one of our talented high school players in the likes of Bishop Quarles. Bishop a 2024 grad from Goodpasture Christian, is off to the races after an impressive 2020 (fall) – 2021 year. The Ohio State commit had the privilege of competing in some of the best events across the country with his invites to:

1.) Junior Futures Games

2.) USA Southeast Identification Series

3.) THE USA National Identification Series

This recognition through these events, his spring & summer performances, has earned him the recognition as being ranked as the #1 ranked player in his grad class in the state of Tennessee and ranked #36 nationally according to Prep Baseball Report.


With all of this being said, Bishop & the type of person he is just stays the course with everything he does. He doesn’t let the noise around him judge him for the person he wants to be. That’s what makes him different. It’s that selfless mindset that allows him to understand what he needs to accomplish, while also making him that much hungrier to develop his craft.

We wanted to check in on our guy, see how this upcoming Spring season was going for him and ask him about 5-star baseball of course. Here is the interview with Bishop below. Enjoy!

Coach Cohick: Bishop hope all is well! We wanted to know how this off-season has been going for you? Has it been different this year with having a year of high school baseball under your belt?

Bishop: Thanks, Coach! You as well! Yeah, I think coming in as the only 9th grader on varsity was an amazing feeling, but from a physical standpoint, I wasn’t there just yet. This off-season though I feel like I have lived in the weight room which is helping me gain the muscle I need. I’ve also been hitting off our pitching machine that’s set to see 91-92, and I can see a big difference from last year me, and this year me. Couldn’t touch it as consistently last year, and now the confidence & strength I have gained feels like I am hitting line drives more consistently than I could before.

Coach Cohick: What goals do you have set for yourself this Spring?

Bishop: I would love to make an all-region team. Last year I, unfortunately, had a hamstring injury that kept me out from competing a lot. So I want to do whatever I can to stay healthy for the whole season.

Coach Cohick: Let’s get a little personal now… If you had to use only 1 word to describe who you are, what word would you use?

Bishop: “Humble” would be the word I use. I am not the type of person to brag about where I’m going to college or what my rank is, none of that matters if I can’t show people who I am.

Coach Cohick: Which player do you try to imitate yourself after?

Bishop: Mookie Betts. He’s the only player I try to be like. His swing is so calm and controlled, he has a huge arm in the outfield. He’s just the player I want to be like.

Coach Cohick: Last question. Figure I ask you about 5-Star. What does 5-Star mean to you? You have been not only a part of 5-Star but a part of the Midsouth Region for the last 3 years, what has it felt like putting on the gold & black?

Bishop: 5 Star means a lot to me. In my 1st year playing, I played for Coach Hoppe and he just pulled me over one day and said “play your game.” That sat with me, and I just concentrated on being who I am. Eventually, I trusted myself and colleges started rolling around. It’s why I love Coach Hoppe and everything he stands for. He understands “ME” and my game. It’s a big part of me. To answer your 2nd question, being able to put on the gold and black makes me feel untouched because I know my teammates are going to ride with me to the end.

Coach Cohick: This was great Bishop thank you for sharing with us!

Bishop: No problem Coach!