Welcome to this year’s 2024 spring/summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players & teams. Go check out the latest write-up!

“This team is resilient! They are not going down without a fight. They believe in each other and truly enjoy being around one another. These boys are hungry to see each other succeed.”

To quote the legendary wrestler, Ric Flair, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” This quote to us embodies what this 11U team wants to become. The mindset of we will play you anytime, anywhere, any day. They are going to play in competitive tournaments, they are going to come out and challenge whoever wants to play, it embodies their team. “We have an amazing schedule put together that will allow them to compete against some of the best competition around. It is going to be exciting to see the growth of these players and how they respond,” said Coach Hughes.

We saw glimpses of that growth begin this Fall season. As we know Fall should be utilized as an opportunity to grow with the boys and give boys opportunities in other positions, and for the majority of Fall our 11s did just that. When they came around to wrapping up their Fall, they went out with a bang with a Perfect Game tournament championship. “Our Fall season ended with us playing our best/most confident baseball and you can still see that confidence in their approach as we begin spring practices,” said Coach Hughes. That level of growth both physically and mentally is starting to show for these boys.

“We have seen the development of the “athlete” in these kids. These boys are involved in multiple sports and additional training to help them become better,” said Coach Hughes.

So who is the 11U squad that’s ready to pop off?

#2 Cameron Holland- Cameron is one of the strongest and most athletic kids we have. Don’t let his shyness fool you. This kid will drive the ball to the gaps and throw you out if you try to stretch a double with his cannon of an arm.

#4 Ty Trumbower- Versatile. Ty has a strong bat and a vacuum for a glove. You can put him anywhere on the field knowing that he will get the job done. Ty brings a great attitude and work ethic that will push the other players around him.

#9 Colton Parker- “OBP” These letters might as well be his initials. Whether he draws a walk, takes one in the back, or drives the baseball this kid finds a way to get on base. You can put Colton anywhere in the field. From behind the plate to the mound he’s got you covered.

#11 Kade O’Neal- Smooth. Look out, this kid is just starting to unlock his potential and is poised to have a big year. Kade is cool, calm, and collected on the field. He battles you on the mound and can drive the ball to all fields when at the plate.

#23 Henry Burger- The Mighty Lefty! You want the ball in this kid’s hand on the mound come Sunday. He will battle you all game long and not back down from anyone.

#24 Braylon Vernon- Swagger. You need someone at the plate to come up with a clutch hit, it is this kid. Braylon is as smooth as they come in the game. Put him anywhere, it’s fun to watch.

#27 Jonathan Fitzpatrick- Speed kills and this kid has it. Johnny covers the ground like no one else and is one of the most athletic kids you will see on the field.

#34 Dray Cisneros— Hard work. This kid pushes himself like no other! From leadoff hitter to centerfield, this kid gets after it. Dray makes everyone around him better.

#50 Drew Hughes- Mr. Dependable. Drew will do all that is asked of him and find a way to get it done. He’s a competitor at the plate, in the field, and on the mound.

#89 Boogie Brooksher- Power! Don’t make a mistake when pitching to this guy, he will make you pay! He knocks the cover off the ball and can throw it by you also. Not only is he a great player, but he is a great teammate.

#99 Malone Piper- Solid Rock-Malone is a student of the game and is a leader behind the plate. He is a blocking machine behind the plate and receives the baseball as well as any catcher out there. Hard work pays off, and Malone is a true testament to that.

Success…. Lots of ways to define success. These 11s have goals and are going to do whatever they can to accomplish those goals. For Coach Hughes as he put it, “Success for this team will be to see these boys grow their love of the game and understand the work they put in now will help them get ready for the big field in 2 years.” Everyone involved is doing a tremendous job, and we can’t wait to see these boys go out and compete this Spring season.

– Midsouth Staff