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Before completing our Prospect Form we encourage both the player and the parent to read the explanation below.

The model for 5 Star National Midsouth is to form teams in age groups (13U-18U) throughout the Midsouth region (TN, KY, AL). If you are invited to play for 5 Star, you can be sure that we feel you are the right type of player for our program. We focus on the full development of our players on the field, as well as off. We pride ourselves on building solid young men through an emphasis on academics, hard work, dedication, preparation, and competitiveness. We teach respect for the game of baseball, respect for each other, and respect for opponents. If your goal is to play college baseball, playing for 5 Star Midsouth can be a difference-maker in helping you reach your goal. Few programs in the country can match our success. Our role in the lives of our players is to support them in reaching their potential, providing them every opportunity for success along the way. Take the first step in this journey and fill out your information below.

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