Welcome to this year’s 2024 spring/summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players & teams. Go check out the latest write-up!

“We have a well-roundedness of athletes. Everyone will be able to contribute offensively and play just about every position.”

The new/old team on the block in our 12U Midsouth Sanford team. Don’t be mistaken, this might be a new team, but there is a crop of vets from this past summer & fall seasons looking to make an immediate impact for the new squad. “I’m very optimistic and excited to see them all get out on the field and compete,” said Coach Sanford. Who could blame him? We keep seeing a key piece when it comes to our teams which is the versatility element, and these guys have exactly that. The ability to have guys that not only can compete top to bottom on the mound, but the ability to move guys in and out defensively and play at a high level is huge. That goes into the level of work these guys have been putting in this winter.


“Several have focused on becoming better athletes with various strength, speed, and conditioning workouts – as well as continually working on various mechanical aspects. 12-year-olds typically hit a growth spurt around this time, as well. So, I think all in all we’re bigger, stronger, and faster than we were in prior seasons,” said Coach Sanford.


So who are these boys? Well, we are glad you asked:

#3 Weston Sanders – Athletic player who has great speed, great glove work, and produces consistent line drives.

#4 Fisher Clark – Captain Clark – exceptional leader and lockdown defender with a very high baseball IQ.

#9 Bryson Brown – Extremely athletic and can play all positions on a high level while producing big offensive numbers as well.

#22 Blake Hutton – Powerful player with speed that throws gas and hits tanks.

#23 Hunter Branscom – Strong player who hits the ball a mile, throws consistent strikes, and is going to step up into a leadership role this season.

#24 Daniel Hazelip – Versatile player who can play anywhere on the field at a high level.

#42 Ben McReynolds – A very athletic player who can give consistent innings on the mound and contribute offensively.

#44 Miles Sanford – a very versatile and athletic player with speed who can play any position and contribute quality innings on the mound.

#50 Jayden Battle – Athletic and versatile player who can contribute all over the field with a great bat.

#99 Christian Branscom – Everyone loves an LH pitcher and Christian has the potential to be a great one. Christian is looking to step up into a leadership role this season.

As far as goals and accomplishments, the big picture is once again we know these boys are in line for the big field here soon. Sometimes it goes a little further than that though. We are trying to build these young boys into young men. We think Coach Sanford said it best; “My personal goal is to see each one of them improve as a player and athlete, as well as a leader and human being. We want them to continue to have a love for the game at the end of the season.” The love for the game. These boys are going to enjoy their last season on the small field and give it everything they have. We are thrilled to be a part of the ride and journey with each one of them.


– Midsouth Staff