The Tennessee Preseason All-State is finally here! The much-anticipated event with some of the top athletes in Tennessee will be quite the event for our friends over at PBR Tennessee. We can’t wait to see it all unfold, and take place. With that talented group comes visibility for a handful of our very own. 6 of our own, will be right in the thick of it come tomorrow at Liberty Creek HS. We dive in below of these 6 studs that we expect to have big days for the PBR Staff. All video is credited to the individual athlete and the PBR staff.

1.) Tyler Cross – 2025 – Catcher – Goodpasture Christian

What’s To Come: Big TC from Goodpasture is as steady as they come. The last time he did a PBR event was back in 2022, so his numbers we expect to improve mightily. As a ball player, just very natural. Has started to become more mobile behind the plate, which helps his ability to block both left and right. He’s lived in the weight room over these last few months, so we are ecstatic for his numbers to all get updated on full display.

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2.) Micah Freeman – 2026 – RHP – Oakland H.S.

What’s To Come: One of the most competitive individuals inside our program. Excited is an understatement for Micah. Really finished last summer strong, as his FB Avg in the PBR National Championships was 83-85 T 87 with his SL at 73-75 and CH at 76-78. Definitely a lot to like and be intrigued with, we think he has a chance to really come out of his own. STRIKE-THROWER….

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3.) Cayden King – 2026 – RHP/IF – MTCS

What’s To Come: You want to talk about big strides? Look no further than Cayden King… 2026 is about to splash once again onto the scene. Sitting now at 6’5 205 lbs, yes this is a pretty firm 2026 we are talking about. All that muscle he’s gaining is definitely getting some eyes. One of his last recorded pens he had this winter, he sat about 84-85 while topping out about 87 mph. Just so happens he can hit a ball a mile away too. Can’t wait for Cayden to do what he always does, perform!

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4.) Drew Hostetler – 2026 – OF/RHP – Siegel H.S.

What’s To Come: Drew is the definition of a “freak-athlete.” Last time doing an event like this, he ran a 6.58 60 Time and was up to 93.1 Max Exit Velo. Just has a ton of tools that really make him stand out. People that know Drew, know what he can bring to the table. This is just going to be another prime-example come tomorrow of the things Drew can really do at a high level.

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5.) Gus Gardner – 2026 – C – Franklin County

What’s To Come: Gus is what we call a “silent assassin.” He puts his head down and goes to work. It’s really shown over the Fall too with his workout routine he’s been a part of. He’s another very natural moving catcher. Love his ability to receive. He’s very mechanically sound, and he really does a great job for us in how he handles the pitchers day in and day out. Last time he did an event like this was also back in 2022, so we are excited for Gus to show what he is capable of.

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6.) CJ Potter – 2026 – Catcher/IF – Watertown H.S.

What’s To Come: One of my favorite people inside our program. CJ is everything you can ask for as a coach. Hard-worker that is going to push every one around him to be better. During this winter, he would come and train and be around a lot of our younger guys, and you can just see firsthand his leadership. Guys looked up to him, and it was refreshing to watch firsthand. It also helps that the kid can crush the heck out of a baseball too. 94 Max Exit Velo with right around a sub 2.0 Pop Time. CJ is going to compete, and we can’t wait for him to showcase what he can do again.

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– Midsouth Staff