Welcome to this year’s 2024 spring/summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players & teams. Go check out the latest write-up!

“We strive to have them not only better ball-players but better young men. Being stronger, faster, and smarter ballplayers.”

Determined, committed, willing, scrappy, and tough. All words that our 10U squad is continuing to embrace this upcoming season. Determined was a word brought up a lot by head coach Coach Steen as we talked about what’s to come, “These young men have stepped up during the off-season with regards to workouts and winter training. It shows the dedication they have to compete at the highest level.” It’s great to see the level of commitment each boy is putting in during this winter. They feel they have a lot to prove, and their desire to go back to the lab and work on their craft goes a long way when it’s all said and done.

“Our strengths for our boys is their willingness to learn and put in the work to the task at hand,” said Coach Steen.

Those strengths are not only going to help grow these boys physically but more importantly mentally. It’s embracing their identity. We have to do the little things right. We have to be able to lay down the bunt, move runners over, and make the routine play. The little things keep us in games, and also more often than not, the team that does it better usually wins the game.

So the mighty 10U squad? Who are they?

#1 Parker Eden – “Mr.Smiles”

#2 Micah Haskell – “Mr.Competes”

#5 Noah Bradley – “Mr.Hardworker”

#8 Jay Hoyt – “Mr.Dedication”

#10 Easton Steen – “Mr.Flow”

#11 William Green – “Mr.Mighty”

#13 Kingston Meyer – “Mr.Baseball”

#22 Jordin Bird – “Mr.No Nonsense

#23 Easton Roseberry – “Ice Cream Man”

#32 Sawyer Morgan – “Mr.Passionate”

Do you know what’s cool about those scrappy teams? They always seem to be locked in, and ready to go out and play the game they love. You don’t need to motivate them out of bed to get ready to go play, they just want to be around it with their friends, and go out and compete. This group is going to be a lot of fun to follow!


– Midsouth Staff