Welcome to this year’s 2024 spring/summer team preview! Be sure to read up on all our teams, and check out their rosters for the upcoming season. All the information provided is through talks with our coaches and directors to bring the most accurate information on our players & teams. Go check out the latest write-up!

“Our GOAL is to develop the (athlete). We want them ready for next season’s move to kid pitch.”

8U travel baseball… The last year until “big boy baseball” begins for the rest of their lives. 8U is a one-of-a-kind though. The energy it brings every game makes it truly enjoyable to go out to the ballpark day in and day out. It helps when the group of boys, parents, and coaches involved are all in and invested in what’s going on. “We couldn’t be more excited for these boys, and our team. The boys have had a great time away from baseball this winter and are more excited than ever to be back at it,” said Coach Gaines.

This winter they got after it! This was lot of their first times’ being involved in a strength & team building group. They were pushed and they had to battle through it over and over again as a TEAM.

“This winter we feel that their overall athletic abilities while playing other sports and working out, not only helped them grow physically, but helped them learn and grow mentally. They are starting to become better teammates, and it’s been awesome to watch unfold,” said Coach Gaines.

So who is the 8U squad this upcoming year?

#1 Cameron Davis – “Dawg”

#2 Lyric Gaines – “Reliable”

#3 Wyatt Young – “Clutch”

#4 Lawson Blevins – “Scrappy”

#8 Connor Culler – “Passionate”

#9 Bradley Hale – “Hammer Time”

#12 A.J. Ayars – “Unrelenting”

#13 Rekker Griffin – “Overachiever”

#17 Cash Ford – “Beast Mode”

#23 Ivan Vega – “Powerful”

#35 Greyson Foley – “Speedster”

We know these boys and families are all excited to be back at it. We look forward to watching their growth take place as they head to the Spring! As Coach Gaines put it, “We are going to continue to strengthen our new and existing Mafia family relationships.” We wouldn’t want it any other way.

– Midsouth Staff