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Underclassmen: In this 1st edition of “underclassmen to watch” we highlight 4 athletes that have really made quite the impression through the end of summer, and into the fall. Each athlete is unique. One thing is for sure, these are guys you may want to circle and be aware of going into this upcoming spring season. I expect all to make big impacts. With that being said, let’s stop rambling and begin to show off these 4 studs. All videos are either from an individual’s account, through PBR, or PG.

1.) Brady Burns (25′) – IF – Eagleville HS

Outlook: I feel like Brady is almost the definition of underrated. He just does his job at a really high level, and talk about an impact bat. The dude was the heart and soul of our 2025 National lineup as he stayed in the top half of the lineup all season long. Hitting a clean .329 with 11 XBHs. He honestly is one of the best pure hitters we have in our program. There is a reason that he actually goes by “Brady Barrels.”

Positional Tools: Exit Velo 89.6 (2021 Fall) | 7.33 60 (2021 Fall) 

2.) Coleman Neas (25′) – OF – Stewarts Creek HS

Outlook: New guy already making an impact on the field… Coleman is going to be a ton of fun to follow this upcoming Spring. The dude is a prototypical table-setting lead-off hitter, and it showed naturally when we stepped on the field for the 1st time this Fall in Fort Myers. He rose to the occasion on the biggest event of the Fall. I think it’s truly a testament to what this guy’s skillset brings to the table. He’s in the lab continuing to get stronger. He’s going to be a sight to see in a few months.

Positional Tools: Exit Velo 85.8 (2022 Fall) | 7.01 60 (2022 Fall) 

3.) Cayden King (26′) – RHP/IF – Middle Tennessee Christian

Outlook: Cayden King we believe is not only going to be elite, we believe he is one of the best 2026s in the state. Yes, you heard what we said. Let us repeat ourselves, we believe Cayden not only is an elite player but is one of the best 2026s in the state. The left-handed hitting corner infielder is as clean as advertised with his approach. He barrels baseball consistently. Probably where he will have the most impact is what he can do on the mound. At tryouts, we had him up to 82 on the bump. On our Scout Day, he sat 78-80 and just got people out. Standing at 6’3 170 lbs, can’t wait to see what these next 3 months bring for him. Circle, circle, circle. 

Positional Tools: Exit Velo 86 (2022 Fall) | IF Velo 78 (2022 Fall)

Pitching Tools: FB AVG 78-80 T 82 | 66-68 CB

4.) Riley Martin (27′) – RHP – Smith County

Outlook: Riley is probably busy running kick-offs back for TDs, or dunking on the basketball court, as the 2027 grad finished the end of summer baseball on a high note. Riley is currently ranked by Perfect Game as 53rd nationally and 3rd in the state. It probably helps that this dude has a big arm. Riley was up to 85 to end the summer with Junior Futures. Sitting 82-84 to go with a 72-73 mph CB. I think out of all of those things though, what makes him different is his want to compete. He’s going to back up what he can do. Expect big things from the rising 8th grader who is already making a name for himself. 

Pitching Tools: FB AVG 82-84 T 85 | 72-73 CB

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