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This Fall: presented us with a unique opportunity to see the growth and hard work our athletes have continued to put in. Not only was that on display, but we had several uncommitted guys hit new PR’s on the mound this Fall season. In today’s write-up, we are including each athlete’s video, numbers, and much more to highlight these young men. Let’s take a deeper dive into these 5 athletes that hit big numbers this Fall with us. Video credited to the individual athlete, PBR Staff, and PG Staff.

1.) Cannon Rice (23′) – RHP – Rossview HS – Austin Peay Commit

Outlook: Hit a new personal best 92 mph FB down in Jupiter, FL. The dude was lights out for us all Fall. Was as consistent as they come, and it showed with each performance when he stepped on the bump. Recent Austin Peay commit.

2.) Aidan Niggl (25′) – RHP – Mount Juliet HS

Outlook: A great example of what hard work can do for you. The dude just went to the lab with WardPerformance and came out with this new refound energy. It showed in his outing at Futures at the end of summer and then translated into Fall. Which allowed the young 2025 who isn’t even 16 years old yet to touch his first 90 on the bump in Fort Myers. Going to be scary what comes out this winter.

3.) Gavin King (24′) – RHP – Liberty Creek HS – South Carolina Commit

Outlook: The 6’5 specimen had himself quite the coming out party this Fall. He showed a small sprinkle of what he can do with the natural strength he has. Up to 89 on the bump. We believe he has even more in the tank. He’s going to be a fun one to follow. Recent South Carolina commit.

4.) Chase Clatur (24′) – RHP – Nolensville HS

Outlook: One of the most efficient pitchers all last summer for us. The dude is a strike-throwing machine who carried an era of 0.53 in 41 IPs of work. He was a big reason for the success of our 2024 National group, and he just turned 16. He is an extremely young 2024 that is picking up some big momentum as he topped out at a clean 88 on the bump in the PBR Upperclass WS. He’s legit.

5.) Chase Fernandez (25′) – RHP – Stewarts Creek HS

Outlook: Another 25′ name we continue to talk about a lot in big Chase. The dude has some serious arm strength and has shown on the summer circuit. When he is on he is one of the toughest dudes to face. Not a bad way to finish the Fall either with some multiple 87s on the Lakepoint scoreboard. He will be a fun one to follow through this winter!

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