This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” dives in with one of our talented high school players in the likes of Bishop Quarles. Bishop a 2024 grad from Goodpasture Christian, is off to the races after an impressive 2020 (fall) – 2021 year. The Ohio State commit had the privilege of competing in some of the best events across the country with his invites to:

1.) Junior Futures Games

2.) USA Southeast Identification Series

3.) THE USA National Identification Series

This recognition through these events, his spring & summer performances, has earned him the recognition as being ranked as the #1 ranked player in his grad class in the state of Tennessee and ranked #36 nationally according to Prep Baseball Report.


With all of this being said, Bishop & the type of person he is just stays the course with everything he does. He doesn’t let the noise around him judge him for the person he wants to be. That’s what makes him different. It’s that selfless mindset that allows him to understand what he needs to accomplish, while also making him that much hungrier to develop his craft.

We wanted to check in on our guy, see how this upcoming Spring season was going for him and ask him about 5-star baseball of course. Here is the interview with Bishop below. Enjoy!

Coach Cohick: Bishop hope all is well! We wanted to know how this off-season has been going for you? Has it been different this year with having a year of high school baseball under your belt?

Bishop: Thanks, Coach! You as well! Yeah, I think coming in as the only 9th grader on varsity was an amazing feeling, but from a physical standpoint, I wasn’t there just yet. This off-season though I feel like I have lived in the weight room which is helping me gain the muscle I need. I’ve also been hitting off our pitching machine that’s set to see 91-92, and I can see a big difference from last year me, and this year me. Couldn’t touch it as consistently last year, and now the confidence & strength I have gained feels like I am hitting line drives more consistently than I could before.

Coach Cohick: What goals do you have set for yourself this Spring?

Bishop: I would love to make an all-region team. Last year I, unfortunately, had a hamstring injury that kept me out from competing a lot. So I want to do whatever I can to stay healthy for the whole season.

Coach Cohick: Let’s get a little personal now… If you had to use only 1 word to describe who you are, what word would you use?

Bishop: “Humble” would be the word I use. I am not the type of person to brag about where I’m going to college or what my rank is, none of that matters if I can’t show people who I am.

Coach Cohick: Which player do you try to imitate yourself after?

Bishop: Mookie Betts. He’s the only player I try to be like. His swing is so calm and controlled, he has a huge arm in the outfield. He’s just the player I want to be like.

Coach Cohick: Last question. Figure I ask you about 5-Star. What does 5-Star mean to you? You have been not only a part of 5-Star but a part of the Midsouth Region for the last 3 years, what has it felt like putting on the gold & black?

Bishop: 5 Star means a lot to me. In my 1st year playing, I played for Coach Hoppe and he just pulled me over one day and said “play your game.” That sat with me, and I just concentrated on being who I am. Eventually, I trusted myself and colleges started rolling around. It’s why I love Coach Hoppe and everything he stands for. He understands “ME” and my game. It’s a big part of me. To answer your 2nd question, being able to put on the gold and black makes me feel untouched because I know my teammates are going to ride with me to the end.

Coach Cohick: This was great Bishop thank you for sharing with us!

Bishop: No problem Coach!