This edition of the “Midsouth Mafia Corner” dives in on 5 uncommitted 2023 arms that we are fortunate to have with us for the upcoming summer season. These arms include:

. Jacob Conquest & Trent Miller from Greenbrier HS

. Andrew Moore & Luke Jones from CAK

. Cannon Rice from Rossview HS

All of these young men are continuing to make huge strides into this Spring season. In this write-up, we are going to break down each player and show off some videos on these guys. So let’s begin!


1.) Jacob Conquest: Report

Limited early summer last year. Jacob continued to put in the work he needed inside the weight room. He began to see results fairly quickly once he was fully at strength. Yes, he gets knacked with having a “small frame” but no one can speak ill of the competitiveness & drive this dude has. He’s going to move athletically, and he’s going to do whatever he can to be on top. He’s been working hard this off-season on his strength and improving his stuff. We expect a big return this spring when he steps on the mound for Greenbrier.

Early Summer 2021 – 80 – 85 FB mph | 68 – 72 mph CB

Mid Summer 2021 – 84 – 87 FB mph | 88 Max FB | 68-71 mph CB

End Summer 2021 – 87-91 FB mph | 92 Max FB | 70-71 mph CB

End Fall 2021 – 85-89 FB mph | 90 Max FB | 70-73 mph CB

2.) Trent Miller: Report

Another Greenbrier arm, Trent was vital last year on varsity. He, unfortunately, had to be sidelined halfway into summer with some “arm fatigue” so rest came into effect. However, the light switched turned on for one of the hardest working individuals in our program. Spent all fall working on his craft preparing for our scout day, and he did not disappoint. Sat 87-89 mph to go with a 77-79 mph SL and a 79-81 mph CH. With a 6-4, 230-lbs frame, Trent is continuing to show what he’s made of. Big spring is in store for this guy.

Early Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 69-72 mph CB | 74-75 mph CH

Mid Summer 2021 – 83-86 mph FB | 86 Max FB | 70-73 mph CB | 76-78 mph CH

End Fall 2021 – 87-89 mph FB | 76-79 mph SL | 78-81 mph CH

3.) Andrew Moore: Report

A name that surfaced early out of CAK in 2023 was our guy Andrew Moore. He was receiving some innings on varsity as a 10th grader for the strong CAK squad. His fastball carries a lot of life as it sat in the mid 8’s through spring 2021. Fast forward into summer, Andrew would continue to show his natural strength. Standing at 6 ft 3 weighing 195 lbs, he was able to touch his first 90 competing for Team Tennessee in the Futures Games. He also set the tone by receiving the “player of the game honors.” He would throw 2 innings while striking out 4. He’s lived all fall inside the weight room. So we expect a strong spring season ahead for the righty who will be asked to compete for more innings this spring!

Early Summer 2021 – 84-87 mph FB | 78-82 mph CH

Mid Summer 2021 – 85-88 mph FB | 72-75 mph SL

End Summer 2021 – 87-90 mph FB | 90 mph FB Max | 81-85 mph CH | 76-78 mph SL

4.) Luke Jones: Report

“Mr.Reliable” is how we felt about our guy Luke Jones last summer. Another CAK product, Luke fills up the zone every time he steps foot on the mound. Last season, he was a guy used predominantly in relief. However, this season Luke is in line for a bigger role out of CAK this upcoming spring. Last summer, he was a low 8’s guy topping out at 85 on the bump. However, reports early on suggest his fall training regime has him sitting more consistently in the mid 8’s. He’s a guy to follow with a GPA sitting at a 3.7 with an ACT score at 28.

Early Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 84 mph FB max | 67-71 CB

Mid Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 84 mph FB max 

End Summer 2021 – 80-83 mph FB | 71-73 mph CB | 74-76 mph CH

5.) Cannon Rice: Report

Newcomer Cannon Rice from Rossview HS was impressive this Fall. He’s been an absolute treat since he’s joined us. Last season, Cannon, unfortunately, missed his spring and most of the summer seasons. A lot of noise came around him during the winter of last year, but he kind of went under the radar with him working his way back from everything. He came back strong towards the end of summer sitting predominantly 83-86 mph on the bump. Then throughout all fall, you began to see flashes of what was to come for this young man. He touched an 88 early out of the gate during the fall. Then, Cannon as you could have imagined was hungry. It showed because a few weeks back Cannon sat 86-89 mph while touching his first 90. Now reports out his high school has him sitting 88-91. We expect a big spring from our guy!

End Summer 2021 – 83-86 mph FB | 73-75 mph CH | 74 – 77 mph SL

Fall 2021 – 84 – 87 mph FB | 88 mph Max FB | 77-80 mph SL

Winter 2022 – 86-89 mph FB | 90 mph Max FB | 78-81 mph SL | 80-83 mph CH