Over the course of the year… we are going to highlight are Juco Bandits that are still working on the daily. These Juco Bandits in this series are all looking for 4-Year Schools as some begin their 1st college season this year and a few others that are going into their sophomore year campaigns. All members of these Juco Bandits were a huge part of the Midsouth Mafia and where we are today. Let’s take a look at these 5 athletes. Video credited to the individual athlete, PBR Tennessee, and PG Juco.

1.) Jackson Cauthron – Sophomore – Motlow State


2.) Stoney Smith – Sophomore – Chattanooga State


3.) Braxton Baird – RS Freshman – Columbia State


4.) Copeland Bradford – Freshman – SW Tennessee CC


5.) Kaleb Gupton – Freshman – Motlow State


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