As we move into tournament-style baseball, given the situation we have been in, it’s refreshing to see good ole “backyard” style baseball again. Scrimmage games and homestyle tournaments seem to be a lost art given there are events on every corner it seems now. However, these past two weekends provided us with that old school mentality again. Find any field and we will play you anytime, and anywhere. That’s what good ole Norene provides for these teams. The sense of not playing for this exotic reward, or to get put on some ranking. Just playing the game these boys truly love for one another. You love to see it, and you want more of it. Big thanks to the other surrounding teams that wanted to just go and play baseball.

As in anything though there always has to be a winner. 9U Vols Finley did just that these past two weekends going a ridiculous 8-0 on their home field. The Lil mafia came to play turning double plays, having timely hitting, throwing runners out stealing, and many more “little things” along the way. They are going to enjoy this off weekend before stepping out on the diamond again. Think they well-deserve that!