12U Vols Partin went into pool play on the weekend going 1-0-1. That 2nd day you never really know what is going to happen with your guys when they step out there. Do they come out more hungry than the first? Baseball can be a cruel and rewarding game. Strange how we enjoy playing it so much. In these events, you learn real quick what you are made of from the start. If you do not come out the gate playing your best version of baseball, you could be the best team in the event, but still fall short. I am sure that the first day there were a lot of things they felt they could do differently. They made those adjustments and came out the gates on championship Sunday. Winning two games in a row in finding themself in the title game ultimately coming up just short. Still for the first event on the year, going 3-1-1 against some really good competition, it is really encouraging to see what this veteran group has in store.